Civil law

Civil law comprises all rules with regard to the relations and conflicts between citizens.

Ad Verlaw Advocatenkantoor provides professional assistance both in terms of the provision of advice and in case of conflicts in all aspects of civil law.

  • Liability and insurance law (advice, assistance, recourse)
  • Unlawful act
  • Contractual error
  • Mediator in civil and commercial matters*
  • Estimation of physical and material damage
  • Settlement of civil interests
  • Traffic law
  • Hospital law and medical liability
  • Assistance in negotiations and contracts
  • Mediation in family matters*
  • Family property law (inheritances, succession, donations)
  • Descent (e.g. recognition and dispute of paternity) and adoption
  • Guardianship, extended minority, interim administrator, judicial declaration of incapacity
  • Juvenile law and juvenile penal law
  • Divorce
  • Settlement and partition
  • Alimony between former spouses and for children
  • Contact orders for grandparents
  • Actual and legal cohabitation